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When does school usually register student through IB

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I am currently in year 1.

I have contemplated to redo the IBDP course as my family decided to move to another country and I heard that it is hard to restart IBDP in new school.

However, I am not sure whether I am already registered IBDP in my current school.

So I was wondering, when are students usually register through IBDP?

*The email that I got from new school asked me to check whether I am registered IBDP. I am guessing that this means IBDP exam... but I am not to sure

Please help me!!!

Thank you very much :)


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If you're doing May exams, it'll usually be done in the autumn of IB2. It's highly unlikely that you're registered now, it would be extremely early, but ask your IB coordinator for a confirmation. 

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