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If I were to drop down to English L/L SL...?

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Hi everyone! 

I'm currently in the last trimester of IB1 and I have to drop one of my HLs by the end of this year (as I really don't want to keep 4 of them). 

Right now, it's looking like English L/L will be the one I'll drop (as it's my worst grade + I'm not good at languages + I only like it 'cause of my teacher). We've already studied a Paper 2 book in our HL classes and I now have a question about the exams next year (final IB ones). 

In Paper 2, do I HAVE TO write about the novels SL has studied (in our case that would be Chronicle Of a Death Foretold and The Great Gatsby) or can I choose our third HL-only book (even though I would be taking the SL exam)?

Thanks for any answers!! 


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Paper 2 is the same for both HL and SL. (It's just the marking criteria is slightly different and SL have less time compared to HL)


And yes, you can use the book you have studied at HL! I'd suggest you tell your teacher to write that you have studied that book in a paper that she has to fill for the IB which shows what you have studied in Part 3 of the English LangLit course.

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