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IA help?

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Hello fellow IB students. 

For my history IA I wanted to do something related to the Soviet Union (particularly during Stalin's reign). After a lot of time I came up with the question " "To what extent was the battle for Stalingrad the main turning point in the eastern front?".

My History teacher likes my question but i'm not sure about if it's a good question, mainly because it seems broad. It seems like a lot to cover in only 2000 words as I have to take in account the battle of Stalingrad along with various other important events related to the Eastern front.

I would like to hear some opinions from other people about my History IA question. 

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Well, keep in mind that you actually only have 1300 words for the actual investigation. There's a 500 word source evaluation and a 400 word reflection which are a part of the 2200 word limit!

I think your question might be a little broad but still doable. If you are worried though, maybe you can take out the "To what extent" part and change it to "How significant was the Battle of Stalingrad to the Soviets' victory on the Eastern Front?" so you won't be pressured into talking too much about other events. Hope this helps.

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Thank for your response. Sorry for not replying sooner-i've been thinking a lot about my IA (should I change my focus to perhaps the factors that influenced). I've finally decided to stick to my question. For it I will compare the outcome the battle at Stalingrad with the outcomes from the battle of Kursk and Moscow (I may only compare one, if I feel like I won't have time to research both or be able to fit info on both in my IA without going above the word count). 

My teacher said most of sources should be primary. I was wondering if accounts of Stalingrad (and Kursk and Moscow) would count as primary sources. I was thinking of using primary sources to compare Stalingrad with the two other battles that are considered major turning points in the easter front.  I've already purchased a book on the accounts of Stalingrad-from German soldiers, i'll need to find accounts from Russian soldiers now. 

Thank you for your help. 


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