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Hey, new to this forum! I have completed my SL musical investigation, and I was relatively pleased with my analysis. However, my teacher has said that my cultures are not different enough. I chose a 20th century concerto for a string quartet (british composer), against a Brazilian folk solo piano piece. They are fairly similar in many aspects, and I agree they are probably not different enough, but I was wondering if any of you are more informed than I about how much this will affect my grade? The mark scheme suggests I can only lose 3 marks from the choice of pieces out of 20, but any other advice will be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you :) 

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I know this is quite late, but maybe it'll help you just to calm your nerves a bit ;)

I did Music HL last year and to be honest, I think that your cultures are really different! I remember my teacher showing us the IB example and it was something like an operetta and a musical which are actually both Western and even related. So, I think you'll be fine, since one of your pieces is Western modern music and the other is South American folk music. Even if you would lose some marks it won't affect your grade much, I assume they'll take at most (only if you get a very strict examiner) two points off. But yeah, as I said, I don't think that will happen, since there are loads of people that choose pieces that are actually related :)

I hope this helps a bit and good luck for the rest of exam period!

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