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Land Hierarchy theories

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can't believe iforgot about this

Working on my geo IA at the moment and it's due in two days

anyone know any good land hierarchy theories?

i tried central place...and totally failed

my topic is

hierarchy of shopping centres

please and thank you

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Well if it failed say that it did. And make your topic something like does the distribution of shopping centre fit christaller's central place theory. But I suppose thhen it would be advantageous to find one that does fit the data, but you could also describe the trends yourself without reference. There is also the bit rent theory, but they are the only land hierachy theories you are meant to know for IB, but I am sure there are others out there. The those concentric circle and such like models might be useful, I can't remember any of the names anymore though. but there are heaps of them. That is all I know.

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