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Hi everyone. As we all know IB exams are next month. Just wanted to get everybody's opinion on the various Physics textbooks. I had the misfortune of being given the Oxford Textbook for Physics SL and it is by far the worst textbook I've used. It's just so unfocused and a lot of the time, it takes forever to reach the main point of whatever section you are reading. I found the Cambridge Tsokos textbook to be far more helpful as the information is straight to the point as well as concise. What do you guys think is the best textbook to help for review?

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TBH I personally found the Oxford textbook to be OK-ish, although it definitely is quite jumpy at times.  The Oxford revision guides are great though (not only for physics, but for most other subjects too, e.g. psychology, chemistry) - very concise, but contains pretty much all the necessary information for you to do well.  They're probably the best tool for you as of now - textbooks are probably too lengthy.  

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