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Biology HL IA

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Hi there, 

I am just staring my Biology HL IA and I am wondering will I get marked down if someone else has done what I am looking at?

What I mean is that I have seen online that some people have written their IA on the same topic, will I get marked down for this?




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No you won't, I am SL and did my IA on Osmosis, like the most basic experiment ever. However, what I recommend is you to look at ethics, and safety issues because I was myself graded down on this pretty hard. I thought that doing potatoes is pretty much ethical and obvious, but my teacher after grading it told me that I needed to write why is my experimenet safe and ethical... So I recommend you to look at your IA once again and try to discuss the ethics at least in 5 sentences. It critically affected my Criteria B and I got only 3/6.

Good luck!

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