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Please comment on my EE topic (English literature)

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Hi I am in Junior and am starting writing my EE.

I originally planned to write one on Bio or Chem, but I am not going to do them(too hard lol)

Anyway, I want to analyze a text for my ee.

Do you think this quetion is too broad? or fine?


"How is humanism presented in Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro?"


Please leave a comment; Thank you!!

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Hello! I'm in the process of doing my EE, it's actually due in about 3 weeks! I also chose to do a literature EE.

I haven't read the book, but if humanism is a subtle theme that you'll have less to write about, then I think the question is alright. But if it's a theme which pervades the entire text with too much to write about, I'd consider altering the question to something that perhaps includes key techniques or characters.


How does Kazuo Ishiguro present humanism through *character*.

How does Kazuo Ishiguro present humanism through us of *literary device e.g symbolism/characterisation*

Just a little bit more specific I think. 

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Hi Fairways, I think Ellen is spot on -- you need to be much more precise with your EE topic/title. And in fact, I'd go a little further. Or much further, actually:  you'd better avoid the word "humanism" completely, and concentrate on something even more specific.  Humanism is such a broad concept but also has little to do with a literary approach : it is a philosophy. You don't want to get mired down in that for an EE in English.

Also, if you are intending to write an "investigation" (which is the nature of the EE ) then you should be doing more than simply identifying something and giving examples, which would keep you in the very lower marking echelons. Your idea suggests this is what you are planning to do.  So, what Ellen suggests with her two example titles provides a good starting point (to my mind, anyway), but you'll need to think more about what you hope to achieve through your choice of topic. One way to do that (which worked for me, and in fact advised) is address the questions: 1) "what exactly do I aim to reveal with this topic" and then, with that in mind 2) "Why is this topic research-worthy?" If the answer suggests that your EE will be offering some novel insights, worthy of investigation, then go right ahead with whatever you have. 

Does this help at all?

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