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List of experiments in physics syllabus

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has a list (or a link to a list) of all the experiments required in the physics syllabus, like Young's double-slit experiment, Einstein's photon experiment, etc. Annoyingly enough I couldn't find such a list online.


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The rrequired practicals for physics are shown below.

Topic 2.1

Determining the acceleration of free-fall

Topic 3.1

Applying the calorimetric techniques of specific heat capacity or specific latent heat

Topic 3.2

Investigating at least one gas law

Topic 4.2

Investigating the speed of sound

Topic 4.4

Determining refractive index

Topic 5.2

Investigating one or more of the factors that affect resistance

Topic 5.3

Determining internal resistance

Topic 7.1

Investigating half-life

Topic 9.3

Investigating Young’s double-slit (HL only)

Topic 11.2

Investigating a diode bridge rectification (HL only)

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