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Do you guys think speed of wave vs depth of water is a good physics IA topic? I will use something to prop a plastic container filled with water to a certain height, drop the item to create the wave. I will do this multiple times with multiple heights of water. I will also measure speed of wave that has something added to it like salt or pepper, something that doesn't dissolve. Does this sound acceptable? my teacher has been ridiculous and I don't have a strong relationship with her. Any help is appreaciated as i'm very stressed.

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Speed vs. depth should be a fine experiment. It's simple, but if you plan and analyze it really well, you can get good marks. A bit of a tough one for you to justify personal engagement. Not sure that you need to introduce a different liquid (whether salty or peppery). Just seems like you are adding a variable for no reason.

NOTE: I am a DP Physics teacher, but my advice should not supplant your own physics teacher's advice. She knows you just a bit better than I do.

Edited by Mr. G.

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