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How to TOK :( I really need help

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So... TOK... We were told that we have to start thinking about our TOK presentations. And, to be honest, I'm lost. I don't know where to start from (It's because our school doesn't support us that much, we don't receive a lot of help from teachers, so basically we are lost, I don't know what to do...)

So, to start with, what is this? hahaha, it sound like a stupid question, but I really don't know what are we supposed to do in a TOK presentation. I already have a group for the presentation, now what.

  • How many areas of knowledge do we have to choose?
  • How long does it have to be?
  • How many ways of knowing do we have to talk about?
  • How do we make a knowledge question out of no where?

:lc: I really need help

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