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Subject Choices for DP

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Can you please help me and give advice on my current status on my subject choices? It'll be absolutely helpful!


I am a student in my final MYP grade and is currently interested in studying political science/international relations in my undergraduate degree in either Australia/Canada/United States. 

I am thinking about choosing:

English Language and Literature (HL)

Korean Language and Literature (HL)

Geography (HL)

Biology (HL/SL) Haven't decided, but I am very strong in Bio 7/7 for the past 4 years

Maths (SL)

Economics (SL) - online course (Have never taken this subject, only business management)


Will I face any obstacles along my journey of the Diploma program? Will these subject choices interfere with my dream major or will any of the subjects be difficult to study? 

I really need help and I would really appreciate any responses. 


Thank you :)

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Hey and welcome to IBS!


Taking essay-based HLs will definitely be quite a lot of work regardless of how skilled you are at writing, so keep that in mind. Passion and love for the subjects will get you through though, and will help you stay motivated when times get rough. 

I'd personally advise against 4HLs in your case (unless you want college credit for the US; I'm not an expert in this department so I cannot tell you whether biology HL would be beneficial or not). Biology HL is almost double the content compared to SL, and it might take up unnecessary time that you could put into some extracurriculars that would look good on your college application.

In terms of your overall combination I'd say it's quite balanced and definitely manageable - as long as you chose (mainly) your strengths/ subjects you love. I cannot tell you how the economics course is going to be like, as I have neither taken the class nor done any IB class online. From what I've heard and read Pamoja Education provides rather solid courses, so I think it's really up to personal motivation to study as some see it as an 'extra' class due to the lack of physical teacher present in a classroom in front of you.


Good luck with your IB journey :)

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