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Hello everyone, I'm back with some new free videos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This time it's about a workshop (six 10 minutes videos) to help you prepare for the Physics SL/HL exam.

Here is an overview.

Video #1. where you can get started with a simple quiz and learn:

  • Which topic typically has the least marks allocated to it?
  • And which topic the has the most marks? (same is true for SL/HL, Paper 1 or 2)

Video #2: where you learn useful details about the exam, such as:

  • The relative weighting of each exam. For instance paper 3 is relatively easy and worth as much as paper 1 (for SL)
  • What IB means for complexity and nature of science, explained through past papers questions
  • Paper 2 is getting longer and longer (you might not finish it)

Videos #3, #4 and #5. These will go through each of the 12 topics and show you:

  • The most common subtopics that you should revise more than the others
  • A quick refresher about what these subtopics are
  • ...and yes, also a topic-specific meme or joke :)

Video #6. This will wrap everything up with useful exam tips like:

  • Choose the question order tactically
  • Know how to find surface area and volume of a sphere
  • ...and more!

Ready to get started?
Start here with the first video and quiz yourself

Good luck with your studies!

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