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Hey all,

I desperately need help for my Biology IA. So I'm measuring the content of sugar in bananas with the use of Benedict's test. However, I have problems with the quantitative data because I can only get an approximate value for the results because it's more qualitative and can be obtained by observation rather than calculations. Can a good IA be produces with not much quantitative data? What do you think? I'm aiming for a 6 so that's why I really want to do my IA good.

Thank you in advance

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If you look at the Analysis descriptors for levels 1-2 and levels 5-6:

1-2: The report includes insufficient relevant raw data to support a valid conclusion to the research question.

5-6: The report includes sufficient relevant quantitative and qualitative raw data that could support a detailed and valid conclusion to the research question.

 I would say your IA wouldn't get more than a level 2 for the Analysis criteria if you cannot get an adequate amount of quantitative data (ideally 5 different variations on the Independent Trial, with at least 3 trials per variation). Moreover, although it's only part of the Analysis descriptor, your Evaluation, Personal Engagement and Exploration criterias will also be affected by your inability to collect sufficient data for processing to answer your research question, so overall it's not going to be good news as IA marking tends to be holistic. 

A word of encouragement though: I'm not sure about the deadlines set by your school, but you still have a long time to work on your Bio IA. I only started mine on February this year with the topic and experiment (cutting it real close ik), and actually only finished the write up by the end of March, but imo is one of the best lab reports I've ever written. Time is definitely on your side, so what I would recommend is modifying or changing your topic to one that can collect a suitable amount of quantitative data from which you can process and draw conclusions from. Good luck! 

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