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How do we write the TOK Essay?

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Hello, so I was told that IB will be giving us titles for our TOK essay. Now my question is, do we write an essay ON one of the given titles that we choose, or do we make our own Knowledge Question out of the given essay titles, and write an essay on that? I am currently doing a mock essay and am very confused on how to start? I am looking at the 2017 titles, so do I write an essay on one of the 2017 titles that I want to choose, or do I make my own KQ out of the prescribed title that I choose?

Thanks in advance :D

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Your prescribed title will introduce a statement and/or a situation to you, and the questions will usually be either a "to what extent do you agree" or a "develop your answer/essay or discuss the given statement with reference to two (it's usually this number) Areas of Knowledge".

Either way, you will need to make your own KQs to explore within your essay, although your KQs can be both implicit or explicit, depending on your chosen topic.


Here are the prescribed titles for the May 2017 session. I wrote on the first topic. I thought these ones were prescribed pretty well, so check it out.

Hope that helped, good luck!

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It helps to separate your arguments by combining ways of knowledge with their relevant areas of knowledge. If your thesis includes these two things in a coherent way, the rest of the essay will follow automatically. There's a sample on ibessays.org that breaks down that concept in practice.

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