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Failing/subject change?

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Hello people,

I am new and kind of desperate...yesterday I got my achieved grades for March and I am kind of close to failing the IB right now. My problem is that changing a subject now after being almost done with the first year of IB is very difficult (not to say impossible). Another problem: 3 of my subjects I cannot change under any circumstances as it is a legal requirement for the school that I take them :(

My grades were:

German A (SL): 4

French A (SL): 4

Math SL: 2

Geography(HL): 4

Biology (HL): 5

Theater (HL): 5

Out of those, I HAVE to take German A, Math SL and Biology, there is no chance for changing anything. Theater I have a 5 because our teacher doesn't give good grades in the first year in general (because we would become lazy) and Biology I had a 6 the previous term, but I missed a lot of classes that's why it is a 5 now. As for Geography, I just joined the class mid-February (I had Anthropology before but changed) so I am confident that I could have a 6 by the end of the year.

My main problem are my languages: German is my native language, and I am not too bad at it, but my teacher just hates me-my classmates also say that, basically my teacher has her favorites who always get good grades...that is so annoying because I can't do anything against it :angry:

French is not my native language, and the only reason why I took it was that it was  the only other language fitting into my timetable. And honestly, it is not the French that is too hard, I do understand everything, but I am horrible at analyzing (and if a language is not your native language it is very hard to simply bullsh*t about something). I am now thinking of changing to English A, even though that might mean having to change my other classes as well...because I think that I can't pass my IOC next month in French, it just seems impossible.

I mean, my Director of Studies would probably rip my head off for that, but as I am close to failing the class he might consider the possibility for me to change. On the other hand, I have no clue how "hard" English A language and literature is...I would need to catch up on almost a year's work :unsure:

Any advice? Should I change to English A or stay in French A?

- A very desperate and kind of helpless IB student-

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I would advise you to stick with French A as you are about to finish the year... If you were to change earlier it would be a different scenario... Also I would not be to worried about the IOC seeing as it is only 15% of your grade and I would focus on the other 85%. 


Hopes this helps :) 

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Would it be possible to swap to French B, if obtaining a bilingual diploma isn't necessary for your future studies?  It mostly isn't that great unless if you're doing something related to languages AFAIK.  Swapping to French B would probably be significantly easier for you, and is especially valid given that French is not your native language.  Also means that the work you've put in isn't 'wasted' (although technically the skills may still be useful in the future regardless of whether or not you choose to continue with French).  

As for English A vs French A, it really depends on how good you are at English.  Exams consist of analysis of pieces of writing/pictures/whatever in Paper 1 and comparison of two texts in Paper 2.  You also have to do a further oral assessment (FOA) and IOC too.  If you feel that your English skills are stronger than your French ability, then feel free to swap - there isn't that much 'catching up' like most other subjects because the course material is based around your skills and less so the amount of knowledge you have to cram into your head.  

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