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Notebook/Supplies advice?

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So I am beginning to prepare for the next school year next year (pretty early, I know) which is the year I will start the MYP/Pre-IB program. I'm currently trying to figure out what I'll be needing for note-taking and such. Here's my plan as well as my courses:

- English (1 A4 hole punched notebook)

- Mathematics - Grade 9 (1 A4 hole punched notebook)

- Mathematics - Grade 10 (1 A4 hole punched notebook)

- Science (1 A4 hole punched notebook)

- Canadian Geography (1 A4 hole punched notebook)

- French (1 A4 hole punched notebook)

- Instrumental Music (A hole punched folder)

- A planner/calendar

- And a large fabric, zipper binder so I can put all the notebooks, folders, or loose papers in together. 


My 2 questions are:

Would it be wiser and more organized to take down all my notes in the notebooks and use loose leaf sheets of paper for all my exercises?

Should I use notebooks at all? Or should I use a bunch of binders instead (I've heard a lot of people used separate binders for each subject in IB)? If not then what do you think I should use? 


Thanks in advance :)


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My school (and a lot of high schools in Ontario) recommended binders with loose leaf. This is because teachers loooove handouts, but you can't really keep them organized in a notebook. You can still use notebooks, but definitely have binders available for the course outline and lesson plans.

I had a binder per subject all the way through high school (pre-IB and IB)

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Like Veronica, I am also from Ontario. I just finished the Pre-IB program and let me tell you: buy binders. This will make collecting notes and handout way easier because with notebooks, you have no where to put handouts. With dividers in your binders, you can also separate the subject into multiple units and such. I personally used one binder per subject with loose leaf paper for all notes and exercises.

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