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Corresponding AP Exams?

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I was wondering if I should take AP exams for subjects that I SL in. Of course, I'll take the SL exam, but not the AP class. I'll most likely do a bit of self studying too, but how well do these classes and exams relate?

IB SL History - AP World History

IB SL Biology - AP Biology

IB SL Chemistry - AP Chemistry

IB SL Psychology - AP Psychology

IB SL Economics - AP Macro, AP Micro

I won't be taking all these SL classes but I haven't decided what I want my sixth subject to be yet haha.

How well do these HL classes correspond to AP exams?

IB HL English Literature A - AP English Lang, AP English Lit

IB HL Spanish B - AP Spanish Lang, AP Spanish Lit

IB HL Biology - AP Biology

Thanks in advance!!

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