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Chemistry IA idea help (due next week and my 2 experiments failed)

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Hi there!

The first draft of my chemistry IA is due at the end of next week and I have been searching for topics for the past 3 weeks. I trialled 2 experiments; paper chromatography with henna leaves and investigating the effectiveness of antacids through pH meter titration and they both didn't turn out as planned... I don't particularly like titrations and I'm not very good with experiments so I did consider doing a database IA, but I'm struggling to find something to investigate. I am really struggling to find either a) an investigation that doesn't involve titration, b) materials can be accessible in NZ schools, c) a topic that someone in my class isn't already doing and d) not something too generic like testing vitamin c content in foods etc. 

Please help! 


Thanks in advance :)

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