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So I chose to make my physics IA on fluid damping. The whole experiment is basically a mass on an oscillating spring and how it damps into a beaker with a different concentrations of sugar water solutions. my teacher want me to find a way to detect the amplitude of the oscillating spring. The whole experiment in the end is supposed to give me an exponentially decaying graph. Any idea on how I can somehow detect the amplitude.

This is the website I found my experiment in if you dont get it. Its "Idea 8". PLease HELP MEEEEEE:


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Hey queenfeelnet,

Sorry for the late response, hopefully it will still be relevant. You could take a video camera (phone for example) and take a video. Then use free software such as logger pro to plot the fluid dampening. For example, I did my IA last year in physics on eddy current braking, and used my phone to record videos of a magnet sliding down a ramp, and and magnet experiencing a braking effect when aluminium sheets where placed underneath. I then use logger pro to plot where the magnet was as time passed, and I was able to make a graph. Then you can export it. Use a website like Thepiratebay or another torrenting website / find logger pro online or through friends so that you can plot the video. If you need any more help, there will likely be youtube videos or tutuorials online on how to use logger pro. Best of luck, you got this!


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