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extendedessay english hl English Category 3 Question

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Hey, I am an english HL studednt and i have decided to have my extended essay topic be on English. I wanted to do category 3, since it is the most apppealing to me. I formulated my research question, and it good approved by my supervisor, following that i began my essay. However, recently my superivsor consulted another english supervisor at my school and she has informed me that i can no longer do my topic, since the texts that i will be analysing that have originally been written in German, however i planned on analysing the english translated version. I researched everywhere and nowhere did i find that in category 3 the text has to be originally written in english. 


I am really passionate about my topic and i really wouldnt want to change it. so does category 3 in english have to be originlly written in english?



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