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Chemistry IA not working

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Hi everyone,

Basically I tried to do my chemistry IA experiments and the data I collected was the opposite to what the relationship should have been. 

I was measuring the CO2 absorption in different temperatures of water, and instead of absorption decreasing in higher temperatures, it increased. Does anyone know why this could have happened outside of simple experimental/methodical errors? 

I would also appreciate advice on what my next move can be seeing as it didn't work.


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Have you checked to see if there are any issues with random and/or systematic errors?  If  the error bars are too large, the results may be inconclusive.  If this isn't the case, try delving further into theory, and see if your hypothesis is contradicted by theory.  Maybe there's a factor you didn't consider that popped up in this experiment.  Only redo the experiment if you have time - you aren't assessed on whether or not your data is good, just your analysis and discussion of it. 

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