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Should I take Physics HL or English L&L HL?

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So far my IB is Math HL, Spanish HL, Economics SL, Biology SL and I don´t know if I should take English SL and Physics HL or viceversa. I´m really into Math(my fav subject) and I love to learn about all this weird physics(like Rick & Morty). My dilema is that I really don´t want my IB to be a headache, and neither I would like my averge 7 to get worse.

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I do Math HL, English HL and Physics SL 

I am very strong in maths, and slightly less so in english (but still at the top of my cohort). If that is the case for you (strong in both) I would suggest doing HL English (I'm assuming Lit) and SL Physics. This is because I don't think there is a significant difference between HL and SL English (guiding questions for commentary, slightly easier marking), whereas HL physics will require you to learn more concepts and execute questions of a higher calibre. **Remember this is if you are strong at both.

If you don't enjoy the lateral thinking of poetry analysis and essay writing, then I would recommend doing Physics HL.

Sidenote: A lot of people who take HL English aren't that strong at English (90% of my cohort take it), whereas those taking HL physics are usually very good at maths and may have done some physics before. This consideration definitely swayed me.



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