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World studies EE - Language, culture and identity

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I have decided to do my EE in world studies - language, culture and identity with the focus on study-abroad programs and how they affect the cultural intelligence of students involved.  So far I came up with the following KQ: How does participation in study-abroad program raise cultural intelligence and affect career choices of students in the Czech Republic and the USA?

(second options is to look closely on how students after study abroad programmes leave to study and/or work to another country due to the effect of globalisation and loss of their national identities)

I would look at this though psychology (sociocultural level of analysis), however, I'm not sure about the second IB subject to consider. I was thinking about Social and Cultural anthropology (although this may be too related to psychology) or Global Politics (which is one of my IB subjects, but I'm not sure how to connect it to the topic).

What are your thoughts on this KQ? Is it too broad? Should it be reformulated?


Thank you for any ideas and suggestions!

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