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Idea for Group 4 Project about myths

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Hello fellow survivors, in our school we're at the present doing the Group 4 Project and our topic is myths. Now, our group is having a hard time to find a myth to essentially debunk and which involves physics, biology and chemistry!

We are in dire need of some help here, so if anyone is kind enough to give us some ideas or advice it will be greatly appreciated.

To give an idea of what I am talking about, I will explain a myth that I thought we could debunk but which we were forced to ditch as it would be too complicated. So my idea was that we were going to debunk that microwaving food can destroy the nutrients (carrot's beta-carotene increases, but vitamin-c actually decreases in certain foods). 

Physics - Looking at the microwave and how they cook the food etc.

Biology - The nutrients, the food etc.

Chemistry - What happens inside the food.


Concerned IB Student 

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