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Hi, I was planning to do my math IA with a topic of "Golden ratio on logo design in relation to beauty".

When I finished with my introduction and started to collect the data, it was so difficult for me to collect any data, since I needed to draw some circles and lines on the logos directly.

Using common examples on internet, such as Apple, Pepsi, National Geographic, etc, might be plagiarism and it would not give me good score. Is it correct?


So I planned to change my topic... but I really don't know which topic should I choose right now, after failed once... hahahaha

First idea is "To find the relationship between height and shoe size using Correlation coefficients"

and second idea is "Relationship of smoking rate and lung cancer rate using Correlation coefficient(I'm not sure, but maybe this method..)


But the problem comes, I heard that Correlation coefficients might be scored low since it is a topic for math studies.

Also, If I choose second idea, it might be difficult to find secondary data from the internet...

Please suggest me how to solve these problems...


Can you tell me whether I should use the topic of "Medical tests and probability" or "Chi-squared method" for my ideas instead of using correlation coefficient?


Thank you so much, in advance.

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