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Hi guys, 

I want to read Law in university and would like to do a law-related EE. This is the research question I have been thinking about: To what extent did the 1975 china constitution help Mao to consolidate his power?
What do you guys think?
Thank you :D

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First, I'll give my disclaimer that I don't know anything about the 1975 Chinese Constitution.

But from a general perspective, your question looks good. I will say that you'll have to do a lot of work beyond just reading the document and opining about its legal implications. You'll have to research context, find historical documentation about Mao's actions and thought-process, others' reactions, etc.; all normal tasks associated with the History EE. The EE has to be about more than legalese/legal interpretations; however, the legal aspect can be a significant part of your EE.

You probably already know that, but I just wanted to make sure.

I also like the question because it allows for you to make subtle changes to it as you write your essay and you may want to focus on something specific or just slightly change the question. Good luck.

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