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Computer Science EE: Rigorous Enough For IBO?

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Hello, I'm writing my EE in Computer Science but unsure if it meets the rigor required by IBO.

I am analyzing the database of a high-traffic website (I was granted access to a copy of the live database for this purpose). I will be comparing records in the database with related records, checking if a "child" record appears to be created before the "parent" (this should never happen, but it has in a few cases and implies missing/misplaced data). I may either use SQL queries to find this data, or dump the fields I need and write a Python program to process it.

I will be discussing the problems in creating large databases (this one has over 100 tables, and each table has over hundreds of thousands of rows) and listing/explaining my methods. I haven't taken IB Computer Science yet; I'm completely self-taught up to this point.

Is this good enough for an EE? I'm afraid that it's beginning to look like a large IA, not an EE. Thanks in advance!

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IB, if I remember correctly, specifically state in the EE handbook under computer science that they understand that students won't be able to do investigations of extreme complexity. I mean—that's true for all subjects; you're a high school student—but even moreso for comp. sci. because it takes years to get to a point where you can understand all the layers of abstraction in a computer system.

You lost me already with your topic (which is probably good, but then again, you don't want something that will be extremely difficult). I take comp. sci. SL, but we didn't cover databases at all (for my IA, I tried to use databases; I couldn't teach myself so I ended up just using offline files instead).

I'm a bad person to assess it, but it certainly seems like a viable topic to me. The best thing you can do is get in contact with the comp. sci. teacher and ask him/her if it is good, what problems you might run into, etc. More likely than not, this person will be your mentor if you choose to do a comp. sci. EE, so whatever the teacher says, you'll certainly break the ice and make inroads with a teacher. 

My only other advice is to not stress to much.

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