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History IA Question

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I just wanted quick help with my IA question, I have two ideas and I am unsure about both of them. I'm writing it on the French Revolution btw. 

To what extent did the execution of King Louis XVI cause/influence the reign of terror?


To what extent did Maximilian Robespierre influence the French Revolution?

I think the second one is too broad and the first one is too narrow, but I am certainly open to ideas! 

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I have never studied the French Revolution, so I can not really give an opinion on which is a better IA topic. However, as far as how broad or narrow the question should be, my teacher always told us that since there is a 2,200 word limit on the IA, you should try and make your topic as narrow as possible so that you can cover all relevant information and be able to investigate and reflect on it thoroughly. I wish I knew more about the French Revolution so that I could give you better advice, but that's all I've got...

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Trying to choose a good IA Question for IB History SL. My IA is about the Vietnam war...Potential Questions I came up with are:

MLK and how he impacted the Vietnam War:

  • The consequence of/Impact of:

    • Entering Vietnam war

    • MLK’s speech

    • College demonstrations: On many college campuses these demonstrations took the form of student strikes, teach-in sessions, and peace rallies.

    • Vietnam war economically on African Americans/White Americans.

    • Opposition to the war from Citizens on the role the US in the Vietnam war

  • Multiple Perspectives: MLK, College Demonstrations, and Gov’t

  • How did the anti-war protest affect foreign policy during the Vietnam war?

  • How did the black anti-war protest affect race relations inside the military?

  • What role did MLK have decreasing discrimination inside the military?

  • What was the consequence of racial discrimination on black veterans?

  • How did hate groups affect the success of anti-war movements?


Tips, suggestions. Any question that looks good from above???

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