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help with choosing a literature topic for EE on house of leaves

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I only have two weeks left to finish the essay, although i haven't finished the book yet. i should in 2 days. i am torn that i won't chose the right topic or write a good work. please advise me on the topic, if it is good, isn't too broad etc.

right now i only have several ideas, among them an example of a research question

"how does fear influence the surrounding physical and mental reality in "house of leaves"?"

It's a work in literature and i wonder if such topics would work since they lead towards different subjects, like psychology in this case. If the essay is based on a book would it still be an obstacle?

if someone who is acquainted with essay work and criteria in literature or even the book itself could advise me once or more, durning work, I would highly appreciate it.

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Hi Ja Paulina's

You are right about that. The phrasing is not conducive to a literary treatment and will lead you astray as you start thumping out a philosophical / sociological treatise. :lol:. Better avoid that! 

Try something like: "What role does (the motif of) "fear" play in our understanding of (X in) _Leaves of Grass_?"

The words in parentheses is an option and ...X in... represents a more precise statement of intention, which is up to you to formulate. With that you have more focus and a better sense of purpose.

You suggested already  "emotional and physical reality" but there is, of course, no "reality" provided by a literary work. A more careful formulation of intent would be how fear "shapes and limits characters' relationships"  ( made-up examples, by way of illustration only).

Does that help at all?

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