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Help coming up with a math IA topic.

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I have to come up with an idea for my math IA topic proposal, and I'm having trouble coming up with something that I'm both interested, and has more extensive math in it. I genuinely really like math, and so I wan't to do something that's a little more complicated than a topic with a generic linear equation. My initial idea was to look for a correlation between the size (height / weight) of a volleyball player and the speed of their serve; however, again this only leads to a simple linear correlation, or no correlation at all, which is not the kind of idea that gets a 7. 


If anyone could help me come up with something, preferably including vectors or trigonometry, I would really appreciate it. (Doesn't have to be related to volleyball).


Thank you so much in advance!. 

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I suggest that you broaden your list of possible topics from correlation to other topics as well. The Math IA doesn't have to do a lot of number crunching (as present in statistics) but it just have to about math. A good starting point is maybe looking something related with the geometry of a volleyball where maybe you can talk about trig or vectors. 

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IB asks that students develop their own topic. I am not withholding an idea from you, but start with syllabus and see what you can apply.

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