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Hey guys I just finished my first semester of the IB in Australia and thinking maybe I should quit the IB? Course I chose are: Maths Higher Level, Chinese B Standard Level, English A Standard Level, Physics Higher Level. Economics Standard Level, Chemistry High Level.

After the first semester my grades were not good... I only achieved 7 in Maths Higher Level and Physics Higher Level... For all other course I received 6 and even for English A Standard Level I received a 5!!! So my question now is should I quit the IB? I am thinking about this because everyone else around me all achieve 7 for their courses and no body ever got a 5 like me!

The only reason I can think that make me feel maybe I should not quit the IB is because I was wasted many hours finishing my CAS project this semester. However I know there are many semesters ahead of me in the IB and the work only get harder and harder... Now I am sad...

Anyone else feel the same way in the IB?Please help out thank you。 (Sorry my keyboard went weird。。)

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Predicted grades are not relevant in the first semester. If IB has not caused exceeding stress or health issues I think you have every reason to continue and improve your grades.

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Damn that's better than when I first started IB. I had a couple 4s, 5s and just two 7s. However I was one of those people who needed longer to adjust to IB, and my grades improved drastically.

I think if IB is important for university and you're enjoying what you're learning, you should stick with it. You're well above the international IB average score so you're actually doing great!

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