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What IB subjects to choose in my case

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Hey guys, 

so I'm finishing 10th grade now and I have a possibility to enroll into IB DP programme in my school. I'm not sure about it yet, since I don't know what I want to study at university (it means that I'm still not sure whether I will enroll the course). But for now I just need some advice on picking subjects at HL and SL if I decide to enroll the programme. I am thinking of studying something related to economics or sciences/computer science(and I believe that these are very different areas of study).

So for now I have: 

English HL (compulsory in our school)

My native language SL

Mathematics HL (I'm afraid of it, since people say it is very hard, but I think it is one of the best options to fit for the science courses offered by most of the unis and also it helps for economics too I guess)

Chemistry HL (I just love chemistry, and I might study something related to it)

I still need to choose some SLs

EDIT: I chose my subjects, but I'm not yet sure and might switch them later. Anyway, here they are:

SL native language and economics 

HL chemistry, biology, maths and English(compulsory in our school)

Do you think it's doable and what career prospects do I have? What could I do with these subjects in the future? 

I hope I'll meet someone who could help me find the courses that would give me the widest range of opportunities to get into different unis.


P.S. I'm really concerned about biology because everyone in our school says that the teacher often fails to teach the subject and prepare students for the exam and all the classes are boring and useless and students have to learn everything for themselves. I've heard that HL biology has lots of reading and memorisation so I'm afraid it will be too hard with a bad teacher teaching the course.


P.S.P.S. I also have computer science SL/HL, physics SL/HL, history HL and arts SL/HL offered in my school.

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If you don't know what to study in university, it is very useful to pick subjects that you are the most passionate about. Maybe you can look into the pathways that each subject can lead to, and see which one you are the most interested in. Maybe even go to university open houses if you can. Seeing that you love chemistry, why not check out some chemistry programs from a university?

Regarding HL courses, universities often don't even care whether you do HL/SL so the only advantage HL will give you is experience, usually no admission advantages (at least not where I'm from). EDIT: it seems like Canada is an exception, so HL courses make a difference. My bad...

And about HL math, I'm not going to lie, it's very hard, but interesting. If you can manage a level 5 or maybe 4 in HL, you can just as easily if not even more easily score a 7 in SL. I don't discourage you from taking it though, maybe you will ace it! If you want kind of a "safety net" you can pick 4 HLs and that way you can drop HL math basically any time you want if you find it too difficult (or drop another HL course if that one is more difficult). 

For biology, don't let bad teachers get in your way. There are so many resources on the internet, as well as your textbook. It would be a shame if you avoid your passion and potentially have your entire career path changed just because of one teacher. Not trying without a doubt is worse than trying and getting a mediocre or bad grade. 

Good luck :) 

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It depends on which countries' university you go to. In the UK, they have specific HLs and SLs for each subject. In Canada and Australia, it does not matter which HLs or SLs you take. But I know that in Canada Math Studies in most/all universities is not accepted. And taking Math HL and English HL both together is an extremely intensive and challenging combination. If you love chemistry, go on with taking it at HL. As a suggestion for your third HL, taking either HL of Biology or Economics would be fine, as English HL is compulsory in your school. Also, for Biology, you really don't need your teachers help. The internet is, of course, there plus, you should keep referring to the IB First assessment 2016 syllabus in detail. 

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I would encourage you not to pick History HL, SL would be fine but HL is too much work considering you are already taking math and chemistry HL. You would die by the end of Grade 12 when you are studying for exams. 

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