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Hey Guys, so I am having a bit of trouble deciding my physics EE topic, I am planning to do anything related to the sweet spot of the an object!! DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEAS? IT SHOULD'T BE RELATED TO THE SWEETSPOT, HUST ANYTHING iIN GENERAL WILL DO. PLEASE HELP I'M DESPERATE

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Hey legend,

You have to understand, we can't help you write it or give you a research question. But we can try to help direct you to the right path, because the EE isn't something you can just pick up and write, you have to like it to do it right. Otherwise it is just too difficult, trust me I know. I did my EE in physics, on metal foams. I was thinking though of doing it on Tuned Mass Damper (TMD). It is an experimental EE, and can give you more flexibility on the variables. Otherwise, look online and see what you like about Physics, and then see if you can find a subject from there. (E.g. TMD could be topic 4 and 9 in the physics course)

 This is a good example

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