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IB History IA Topic.. Feminism in 50's and 60's

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I am in my first year of the Diploma Program and I have to decide on a topic & question for the history IA. 

I have a family member who grew up in South Georgia (born in 41) as a twin. Her mother died from appendicitis and her father was very restrictive. She had to wear dresses and work in the fields and never experienced the classic rock n' roll teenage thing that we associated the 50's and 60's with. 

With her as my primary source, I could talk about feminism or medical stuff (twin studies, the death of her mother) or I could talk about the tension between white and black people during the time.

I have no clue how to structure a good question, any advise?  

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Generally, my history teacher advised me not to pick any topic about feminism for anything in IB history, seeing as it is way too complex to discuss. I would advise you to choose a different topic

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