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Passing IB exams externally

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I have passed my IB exams in 2014. Currently finishing my bachelor studies, I decided that I want to completely change my educational path and pursue a degree in Medicine. However in IB I did not take chemistry and only did bio. 

The school that I graduated at informed me that the only way to catch up the missing course is to attend the full programme for two years as I need to complete the internal assesments. However, this seems more than unnecessary for me, I believe that I can prepare for the exams by myself in much less time. I do not need any help in the internal assessment either, I would only need to be given access to a chemistry lab for a few hours. My school tells me that this is not possible, though.

As I found it problematic to find any information in the internet, I wanted to ask you if any of you have heard about any options to pass a missing IB course externally, I mean without attending the course in school and via self study?

I will be very grateful for any tips


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This does indeed seem like a complex situation… In any case, what you will receive would be an extra certificate, that's for sure.

Maybe check with the university you want to go; do they require chemistry? Maybe they have admission exams or a preparatory year, that's where I'd start my research.
Otherwise try looking at other IB schools in your region, if there are any, and see if they offer anything else.

The reason your school is telling you that it's impossible is that you have to have a minimum amount of hours of class, given by an IB school. The other possibility would be to take private classes at your school, but that will probably be costly.

Hope it helps!

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Wait that's ridiculous. Your school won't let you take chemistry courses in college/university? I seriously doubt that you can apply to graduate school with only Chemistry HL. If high school chemistry is what you need then you can take AP or A-Levels. You cannot pass IB Group 4 without attending class (to get predicted grades) and required hours of practical work. 

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Thank you for your replies. It is required to have passed Chemistry in high school in all medical schools :).

My alternative is to pass Polish final high school exams, which I can do with self-study only, however, then besides chemistry I also have to pass the full package - maths, Polish literature and English which are mandatory, and also biology. The program is quite different than what I did in IB so it is some extra studying + my original score in IB was really high so it is a shame to miss that + IB gives preferential rules when it comes to admission to medical schools in Poland. Therefore I would really prefer to do the Chemistry. I am aware than I need to complete the practical work but i do not wanna spend two years doing it.. I hoped there is a way of doing it in a quicker way. I don't need teacher's assistance in it.

Since I want to study medicine in Poland, I do not need predicted grades, I'll check though if they can consider SAT or A levels. Maybe that's an easier way

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