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Can I replace an IB subject through examinations?

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I am 22 years old at the time and will turn 23 in November. I want to apply to university in Norway in March 2018. (Don't judge me please 😿) . My IB days were very full of unideal situations that resulted in a low score - 23 points. 
The university I want to go accepts the IB score as the sole requirement. However, I want to retake my external assessments for Maths HL and Physics SL and Lit HL, as well as the Internal for L&L. Plus, the extended and TOK essays. 

My big questions are these: 

  • Does my age matter? 
  • Is it possible to do this if I completed the IB in Mexico and now I live in Norway, and maybe will move to the UAE? For example, if the school obviously doesn't offer Spanish Lit can they still matriculate me for it?
  • Since I got a 3 in History SL, and I am very bad in History, can I replace it with Norwegian B and submit the IAs and take the tests instead (taking into account the times)? (I could not possibly retake it because the syllabus changed this year, and because I have no time and because I suck at history. On the other hand, my Norwegian could easily get me a 6-7 and save me from taking the official language proficiency test) 

    Thank you! 

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1) Age doesn't matter as long as school admits you. 

2) The school can provide you with the exams in classes they don't offer, but doesn't have to. 

3) Retakes are only for same subjects, at same or different levels. You cannot take a different subject to contribute to the diploma. You can take additional subjects that do not contribute to your diploma score. Thus it depends if your university accepts IB courses, or only the diploma. Specifically for History, you can change your route but not regional option and still have it contribute to diploma.

EDIT: A previous version stated that EE can only be add as an additional subject, but that only reflects the registration procedure. In the latest (Sept 2016) edition of the general regulations, it states clearly that a student can revise or submit a new EE in the hope of improving the grade. 

EDIT: TOK can be re-taken to contribute to diploma.


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You've probably got it figured out, but remember to check if there is something that changes now that you are no longer applying with your førstegangsvitnemål - you'll be part of ordinær kvote.

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