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Math Studies + Physics HL + Chem SL = Mechanical Engineering?

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Currently, I am having a lot of trouble, even in Math SL.

Understanding the questions is not the problem. When I work on complicated, long workings (even in SL), I tend to do dumb, careless mistakes (e.g. forgot to put negative, accidentally subtract when I have to add), until the point that I get 3 or 4 (and even 2), when I was sure I was going to get a 6.

But, in the sciences, I feel like I am doing it well. Currently, both Physics and Chemistry are HL, but I feel like dropping Chemistry to SL because it is putting too much load as something I don't need. They tend to be my highest scoring subjects (excluding Business Management HL), due to my interest in them.

With all of this put together, my plan for classes are: Physics HL, Business HL, L&L English HL, LA Indonesian SL, Chemistry SL, Math Studies SL.

With all of these together, do you think having a future in mechanical engineering is realistic for me? I really like designing stuff, and wish to apply my creativity to my potential future career (and not get bored at work too).

If it was as realistic choice (considering I have double sciences), what universities/countries might I be compatible with? I am not only asking for specific universities, though. Stating good countries to visit is also helpful. I previously chose Uni of Melbourne because of it's high rating, acceptance rate, and the fact that their IB requirements are as low as my current classes with Math SL. But, seeing my current results, it seems futile to continue. I thought Europe is a good option; Scandinavian languages aren't too hard to learn from what I heard.


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I think you will be hard pressed to find a university that will accept you for engineering with Maths Studies. I understand you enjoy designing, but engineering is A LOT of maths, and at a higher level than in the IB. If you're struggling with SL, you're most likely going to struggle with maths in engineering. Also, from what you're saying, if the mistakes you're making are stuff like not putting a minus when its due, how is switching to studies going to help? 

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Canadian unis also don't accept Studies for engineering. It's seen as being a math course for arts and humanities focused students (aka students who won't need math in university)

As an engineering student, I can tell you that hands on design will be a VERY small part of your education. You'll have to take several math classes (and there's only one level: HARD) and physics classes which is basically just more hard math. 


If you want more design work and want to avoid hard math, I don't think a university engineering education is fit for you. In Canada and the US you can go to college (or community college) and get an engineering technology degree, which is easier and more hands on than a full engineering program 

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