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Is my Math IA too complicated?

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Hello, so I am really confused on what I should do for my HL Math IA. I found an interesting topic, calculating the volume of a hypersphere. Seeing as this is the 4th dimension, I was wondering if this is a good topic for an IA? Is there too much math that is too complicated for HL Mathematics? I plan on using the following link to guide my understanding: http://scipp.ucsc.edu/~haber/ph116A/volume_11.pdf


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It's interesting topic but you should not explore it in the scope that the article/lecture notes did. You should try to build up the idea from familiar terms. I feel that this is a difficult problem to really explore the subtleties (that IB wants) if you are are not familiar with double/triple integrals. Double integrals (which one can use to calculate surface area) and triple integrals (calculate volume) are good starting points if you want to look at them. There are some possible connections to functions and vectors that you may able to encounter and discuss in your IA. 

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