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How are my subjects?

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Hello everyone,

So I chose these subjects for IB:


SL native language and economics 

HL English (compulsory in our school), Maths, chemistry and biology.

What do you guys think about it? What career prospects do I have? I'm thinking of studying something related to chemistry or maths+economics. Is my set of subjects OK for it? Also I have 4 HLs, which is a bit worrying. Maybe I should/could switch something, and if so, what?


EDIT: Our coordinator forced me to change one of my HLs to SL. What would you suggest? I am thinking of dropping HL biology to SL or maybe changing it for physics SL. What do you guys think? Isn't it kind of useless to have a science SL since universities pretty much don't care about it?


Thanks in advance!

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Your workload is going to be quite high, not terrible, but high. I am taking 3 of the subjects you take at HL (and a language B HL, if your english is B) and I have been doing fine this past year. I have one regret, and that is not doing enough maths when I should've, which caused my grade in second semester to go from a 7 to a low 6 - don't make my mistake and REVISE DAILY. I am not joking. The only way to learn maths is by doing maths, as you can't cram all the info the day before. It just won't work. 


You can study engineering (in some places), business, medicine, (bio)chemistry, neurology... a lot of things with your subject combination. Bio and chem are very manageable in my opinion as long as you make good, concise notes.


Good luck. 

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You have your chances, you do have a heavy backpack, though.

It's certainly doable. If you ever feel like the workload becomes too much, you can always drop a subject from HL to SL, in which case I would advise dropping a subject you'll be needing less in the future (e.g. Bio if you want to do econ / chem in the future). Just check with your coordinator for any deadlines. Like @mac117 stated, your package is possible, with the right amount of effort from your side.

Concerning future prospects there are a good amount of possibilities: chemical engineering, medical pathway, business, hospitality.

Wish you best.

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I took 4 higher levels and then dropped in November of my second year of IB. I think having two sciences as your higher levels would not make that big of a difference in the workload. Of course if you enjoy the subject or not, makes a huge difference. But I would tell you to give it a go and if it is getting too much drop either math, chem or bio. 


Good luck in the IB!! :) 

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