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Will my lab reports that I do in class be graded by an IB person?

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My teacher has NO clue what she is doing! (I really mean it, but it's her first year so it's expected.)

For example, we found out about the IA a week before it was due > - < 

This made me question whether or not the lab reports we've been doing are going to be also included in those special documents we have to send off to IB. This makes me worry a lot because my teacher just skims over the lab report and see if it is just completed. She doesn't check the structure nor the content. 

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Hey lolkeinthatsghey,

No, they aren't graded. But they are important, it is important because the IB will need to check to ensure you've done the required lab tests or experiments (ones which will be tested on SL and HL in paper 3) and also that you've done the minimum required hours. Don't fret, just try to pay attention and ensure that you understand the basic principles, they will help you in the future. 

Only the IA will be sent off to be externall moderated, outside of the exams, and the lap reports are just there to ensure that you know what that experiment or topic was. So try your best. 


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