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Hi guys!


So For my TOK presentation I am doing the corruption of the South African president and how regardless of the prior corruption done the people still voted from him even though the news about the corruption went viral and was known to all. We are struggling a bit on how to narrow down our situation and KQ as the ones we had were shut down immediately. Our AOK are Ethics and Politics and WOK are Reason and Intuition.


The KQ that we have is

Abuse of power leads to the questioning of exercising of power/authority.


Any help or advice given would be greatly appreciated! Huge thanks in advance.

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I would recommend that you instead choose a real life situation of someone who has been convicted / impeached, as opposed to someone who is in power. The KQ should generally be phrased in a question and almost always include the AoKs and WoKs you will talk about. The KQ is meant to generalize some arguments you will make. History is also an interesting AoK you can use. Ethics is a bit delicate in this case because in IB terms, ethics is usually philosophical standards / virtue. But for corruption you are using another sense of the word "ethics" which is more physical and deals more with rule-breaking than ideologies. 

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