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WWI practice IA question?

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Guest sadfasdfeeeeee

I'm doing a practice IA in my history class so next year I can be ready for my actual one. I'm in HL history. I want to do it on WWI because next year I plan on doing it on WWII so this could be a good precursor for my real one (we're not allowed to do it on the same war). We haven't done anything on WWI yet though so I don't really know a lot about it. I only have one very narrow question that is "What were the psychological effects of the use of mustard gas during WWI?".

Could anyone give me another question that I could use for WWI?


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Well, the question of who was responsible for ww1 is a good one. You can also examine the factors as to why the allies won the first world war. Apart from the obvious, you could go in to specific detail on a country and evaluate some aspect of their war effort. There's also talking about how the war had a lasting effect, how things went on the home front, etc.

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