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Hi guys,

So my EE is in English Category 3. I'll be analysing a lot of images and I was just wondering how many words should be written for each section

This is my outline:


Part 1

Part 2 - can be shorter than part 1 and 3 (intermediate step)

Part 3


(Mainly, how long should the conclusion be?)

Thanks :) 


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Hey Befuddled,

It doesn't matter the length of the sections, it's the overall word count that you need to focus on. 4000 words, roughly 3950/3900 is a better bet to ensure that you're within the word limit. If you want an answer to your question, it depends on what you're analysing. I did it in physics, so mine varied rapidly in the word count from 400-500 to 1200 words in a section, so it's just about the content. Just make sure you are concise and get your point across, then the word count comes in later. 

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Hi Befuddled,

my advice would be to do an outline of your argument/discussion, then look at the points and assign a ballpark wordcount estimate to each section. this should help keep you on track and scope your EE

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