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English A HL vs English B HL

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Hello people!

I will start IB in the fall and have not yet decided on all my subjects. I have a major dillema when it comes to choosing my English. To understand a bit better - in the native language group I have my native language SL and in my second group I have French SL. I am skipping the beautiful arts so I can choose English but I have no idea which one to choose. It's clear that I need it to be HL. I am also very aware of the fact that I am not that good at interpreting texts so most probably I would get a better grade in English B than in English A.

My question is - do universities (in the UK - going for economics/business degree) favor a higher score or an English A diplomma?

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It depends... I know the majority of UK universities accept English B Higher Level with a 6 or above, whereas in English A you would need to have at least a 5. If you know the specific university you want to go to, you should check the entry requirements.


Hope this helps and good luck in the IB :) 

Btw, it also depends on the course you want to take. 

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I would go for English B if I were you, there's no point subjecting yourself to A HL if you're not good at analysing stuff, and you need good grades in your HLs to get into uni, because that's what they care about the most. You don't need English A to study in the UK. 

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