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Options for Computer Science SL?

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So I took the Paper 1 of the May 2017 computer science SL exam today, and I heard a lot of chatter after the exam about our option for Monday morning (May 8). My teacher said we're going to be doing the Java option (I think it's Option D), but a lot of kids in my class want to switch to Option B (the mathematical modelling and simulations). So I have a few questions: 

1) Can my class even switch at this point? How is the option determined? 

2) What the heck is mathematical modelling and simulations? 

My teacher has never had any IB training except for a weeklong session ten years ago, and has never met any other IB computer science teachers or spoken to any (online or in person), so he's almost as confused as we are if not more so. This is the first year he's had more than two or three IB computer science students at a time, and also we spent four months working on the IA in class and did about a week's worth of panicked learning about the rest of the stuff for the exam. 

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All options are sent to the school so students can choose their own option. The exceptions are History, and Math HL, where the optional topic is determined upon course registration.

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