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BMAT on same day as IB exams

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I've been considering doing the BMAT exam but I am doing November exams so this means that my exams will clash with the BMAT (either on the day I have econ paper 3 and lang lit paper 1 or on the day that I have lang lit paper 2). I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and how I could solve this problem of either having to do the BMAT at night on the day I have 2 exams/in the afternoon on the day I have 1 exam. 

The reason I don't know which day is because it says November 2nd in the UK so that will be November 3rd in Aus or whether it will be on November 2nd in Australia. 


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I had the same thing with my exams (I think I had mine after Biology?). If your school is where you will take your exams, then hopefully they will arrange it so it is on the second day. BMAT allows you to take the exam ~12 (or 24, I can't exactly remember sorry) hours before and after the date in UK time due to the fact that they know there are international exam takers. So, since it says November 2nd in the UK, you'll probably take it on November 2nd or 3rd depending on your examination centre. If it's your school, talk to them before hand - they'll want you to do the best you can do and will accommodate it! If you know where the examination centre is and it's not your school, tell them! BMAT may be able to be rearranged - IB exams cannot.

Good luck!

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