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TOK presentation knowledge question

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I've been working on my knowledge question for my tok presentation, but I'm still uncertain on whether or not this would be suitable as a KQ.

My topic is on GMOs, it's about the Cavendish Banana going extinct and how scientists are trying to find ways to maintain them.

My KQ is: To what extent should ethical implications be considered in experiments that are carried throughout the natural sciences?

Can someone give me feedback on this? Is there any way I can improve it? Or is it good enough to be a KQ? 


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The phrasing is awkward n "to what extent should [something] be considered", as that implies you do not need to consider ethics beyond a certain point. The two AoKs are very good and you probably have a lot of talk about. Personally I think there are better (stronger) real life situations to support your KQ. 

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