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Hey everyone

So I've always been struggling with math and I am pretty sure I failed my paper two maths SL. So I was wondering how exactly will it be graded? I know I have to have at least a two as my final result but what if I passed Paper 1 with 2 points and failed paper two with 1 point and my IA was okay? If I fail one paper in my exams, will I fail the whole subject or will every grade be count together? I am pretty sure I failed the whole subject, but as I asked the Ib coordinator he wasn't sure and one of my friends who did Ib a while ago said it will be taken the average so even if I failed paper 2 I might still pass everything.

Get what I mean? Thanks for any answers <3<3 even after finishing, this Ib stuff is still so confusing to me  

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You can think of IB grades as a weighted average, but another way is to think of it as redempting tickets at a carnival for prizes. Your raw scores (out of 100% each) in each assessment are the tickets. For example if you get 100% on your IA, you may get 20 tickets. Then maybe you took paper 1 and 2 and from which you took another 40 points/tickets. So what IB does is look at the 60 altogether and say that's a level 4 prize. It doesnt matter what the IA 20 tickets by itself get you, but only the final number of tickets count. 

With that said, each of paper 1 and 2 is weighted twice as much as IA. So in the carnival analogy, that means a 100% on IA contributes the same number of marks (tickets) as 50% on one of the papers. 

With that said a final grade of 32% (32 tickets) is almost guaranteed a level 3 (prize). One way to get 32 final is 8/20 (40%) on IA and 27/90 (30%) on each of the two papers. There are two ways to get the final score and they come out to be the same.

Calculate using raw marks (8 and 27):

Final score = IA raw grade + (Paper 1 raw grade + Paper 2 raw grade)*4/9

Calculate using percentage:(40 and 30)

Final score = (IA percentage + 2*(Paper 1% + Paper 2%)) all divide by 5

Varies by year, but 0 to15 is often level 1, 16-31 is level 2, 32-42 is level 3. 

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Thank you so much! So that means that with a bit of luck I can still pass with a two even though I have only 1 point in paper two? I don't know my IA grade yet so all I have left is hoping for the best :) 

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