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so, i have a quick question. just a litte background so that you don't think the question is stupid. 

 i was supposed to have my ib exams on November, 2016. but due to some political reasons, my school shut down a few months before the exams. so i had to transfer to another ib school, which none of the ib schools in my city did november sessions and they didn't have the subjects i took such as econ, wh, or ess therefore they also didn't have the teachers appropriate for the subjects. so we were transferred to 2017 May session. ib was contacted about the issue so they know all this.

my question here is, i wrote my ess internal in 2016 so i uploaded the same internal to ib without knowing there were some changes to it. ( i guess?) we don't have an ess teacher in this school and our coordinator is absolutely useless so no one told us things have changed for 2017 and we didn't know either since we weren't doing 2017 sessions.  i was just reading the guide for ess exams, and i saw the part about internal which said it was supposed to be an investigation. ours was also an investigation but we conducted an experiment and related its effects to real world problems such as global warming. i'm not sure if the internal is changed because i didn't read the guide last year, our teacher was guiding us. can anyone who wrote their ess internal in 2017 help me figure this out? i don't think much could be done if it's changed but still, i'm anxious. 

thank you. 

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